Angelcare, On-The-Go Travel Diaper Sack Refill (2 pk)

  • ₦2,800.00

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The Angelcare On-The-Go Refill Bags (2 Pack) offers 50 On-The-Go Smell-Free disposable bags for use with your Angelcare Dispenser. Each On-The-Go bag offers the same Smell-Free Odour Control Technology and Protection found in the Angelcare Refill Cassettes.


  • Easy-Knot-System ™ nappy bags are made with a unique multi-layer film which acts as an effective way to lock in and seal in odours
  • Contour shaped bag designed to reduce excess waste
  • No smell, no scent, no odour
  • Clip-on travel size. Fits in a bag or a purse


  • 2 x 25 bag roll

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