Bloomsbury Convertible Crib/Cot Bed

  • ₦245,000.00

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The stylish Bloomsbury cotbed features an adjustable base so the mattress can be set in a more elevated position for newborns making it easier for parents to lift baby in and out without straining their back, and set on the lowest position as baby gets older so they can stand without being able to attempt to climb out.

From around 18 months old, parents can convert the Bloomsbury from cot mode into little ones very first "grown up" bed which will last them until they are around four years old.

The Bloomsbury cot bed also comes with a large storage drawer underneath the cot, which has been designed with a soft close so parents can open and close it as little one sleeps and the drawer will gently close and wont startle the sleeping baby.

Available in Walnut or Ivory.

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