Sassy, A-Z Letter Links

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Inspire Touch!

The Sassy Letter Links inspires touch. Set of twenty-six links in letter shapes. Links can be attached to spell words. Your child will enjoy learning the alphabet with the Sassy Letter Links.


  • It spins, rattles, flips and twirls depending on what baby does.
  • The letters come in bright bold colors that provide visual stimulation.
  • Has a variety of textures for tactile learning.
  • The alphabet is fun to learn with these interactive letter links.
  • Age: 6 months and up
  • 26 colorful letters
  • Bold, saturated solid colors
  • Multiple textures to explore with hands and mouth
  • Links come in a reusable vinyl bag
  • Developmental Benefits


  • 1 x A-Z Letter Links Set

Skin contains more than 100 types of receptors sensitive to touch, temperature, pressure and pain. Skin is the body's largest organ and its sensory receptors are the earliest to develop prenatally. Objects with varying textures are great for baby to begin learning those differences.

Interaction Ideas

Hand the links to baby to show him the variety of textures. Name the colors out loud. Show baby how to put the links together and take them apart.

When it's time to put the links away, make clean-up a fun learning game. Sing the Alphabet Song together as your child picks up and puts away the letters in A-B-C order. Clap and laugh together when finished!

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